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Accessing the Referral System

The referral system can be conveniently accessed from your account settings by clicking on the ‘Referrals‘ tab. This tab serves as a centralized hub for managing all aspects of the referral program, including generating referral links, tracking referral statistics, viewing stash balance, and configuring payout preferences.

By navigating to the ‘referrals’ tab within your account settings, users gain access to comprehensive tools and features designed to facilitate referral activities. From here, users can easily monitor the performance of their referrals, generate unique referral URLs, and explore options for redeeming stash rewards or withdrawing payouts.

This intuitive access point ensures that users can seamlessly engage with the referral program, track their progress, and maximize the benefits of participating in referral initiatives. Whether it’s inviting friends to join a service, promoting products to a wider audience, or earning rewards for successful referrals, the ‘referrals’ tab provides a user-friendly interface for managing all referral-related activities within the account settings.

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